Authors List

Owen Lattimore Pivot Of Asia : Sinkiang And The Inner Asian Frontiers Of China And Russia
Berthold Laufer SINO-IRANICA
amnesty international
Gulamuddin Ahmat Eastern Turkistan National Research Center in 1998
Mockba Kabardino Balkariya
Book Editing Committee TAO TE CHING
David Sneath States of Mind: Power, Place And The Subject in Inner Asia
Dr. Amany Lubis, Ma PeradabanDan Politik Dalam Islam
Muhammad Abdur Rahman Siddiqi Islam Shines in Japan
Lorna Dewaraja The Muslims of Sri Lanka
H. A. Hellyer Muslims of Europe The 'Other' Europeans
Muhammad Hamid IMAM SHAMIL
Soheil M. Afnan AVICENNA His Life and Works
C. G. Weeramantry Islamic Jurisprudence An International Oerspective
Louay Fatoohi The Mystery of The Historical JESUS
Fady Joudah Mahmoud Darwish the Butterfly's Burden
Arthur Dobrin Religious Ethics A Sourcebook
Kais Al-Kalby Prophet Muhammad The Last Messenger in the Bible
Bhalla Major Religions in India
Nyanatiloka Buddhist Dictionary
Simon & Schuster The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
Mahmoud Salem Elsheikh Proceedings of The International Conference''Islam And Europe:
Irfan Ahmad Khan Reflections on the QUR'AN
Abdul Rahim Alfahim The 200 Hadith
Zaghlul R. EL-Naggar, Ph.D. Professor of Geology The Geological Concept of Mountains in the Holy Qur'an
Yang Berhormat BRUNEI An Islamic Nation Islamic Background
Wan Azhar Wan Ahmad Public Interests (Al-Masalih Al-Mursalah) In Islamic Jurisprudence
Prof. Abdullah Al- Turki Interfaith Dialogue Cross-Cultural Views
Abu Ubayd's Concept of Public Finance Kitab Al - Amwal
Kamar Oniah Early Muslim Scholarship in Religionswissenschaft

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