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The China Quarterly

Chinas Transitional Economy
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Article related to East Turkistan : Xinjiang and Wang Enmao: New Directions in Power, Policy and Integration ? . Number  99.  Page 569.

Uygur Performing Arts in Contemporary China. Num. 101  Page 58

Worlds and muslim in Chinese Central Asia: A Political History of Republican Sinkiang 1911-1949. Num. 117  Page 171

Focus on Xinjiang: Xinjiang, Central Asia and the Implications for Chinas Policy in the Islamic World. Num. 133  Page 111.  # Xinjiang and the Great Islamic Circle: The Impact of Transnational Forces on Chinese Regional Economic Planning. num. 133  Page 130

The Ili REbellion: THE Moslem Chalenge to Chinaese Auority in Xinjiang, 1944-1949.  Num. 135  Page 598



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